Isyour coffee “Mycotoxin Free”?

KilambéCoffee is “Mycotoxin Free

Did you know that Kilambé Coffee is one of the few coffees in the World that can claim we are “Mycotoxin Free”? Now that’s something to brag about!!! Wouldn’t you agree?

How is this possible?

Kilambé is a Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee, meaning that the coffee was grown at high altitudes, which allows the bean to develop slower, resulting in a denser high quality bean. Our coffee is grown at is preserved and untouched, and the coffee is grown in natural shade under the canopy of the rainforest.

The coffee produced in this unique area is full bodied and rich in flavor and character. It has a mild yet distinct acidity, and delicious aroma that entices even non coffee drinkers. Our Nicaraguan coffee has rich yet subtle flavors, sweet and balanced, with a nutty bouquet that often exhibits notes of vanilla, chocolate and fruits.

It displays a mild, fruity brightness and will tend toward lower-toned sensations such as papaya/apricot and chocolate rather than higher-toned characteristics such as citrus and floral sensations.

Unlike other coffees of Central America, our Nicaraguan coffee is typically milder in acidity than most other Central American coffees because our coffee is wet processed (washed) in natural spring water.

After our coffee has been harvested, washed, and removed of its outer skin it undergoes a strenuous quality process. Every single bean is inspected and then individually handpicked for our specialty product that you see in burlap sacks. Kilambé is processed and roasted in small batches every day so that coffee is constantly fresh. The average time between a fresh roast and the consumer drinking it is about five days, so the consumer absolutely cannot get anything fresher. It’s directly from our family to your coffee cup.

Nicaraguan coffee is now beginning to make a surge in popularity, and is ranked as one the highest premiums coffees on our planet.

Kilambé (pronounced KIL AHHM BAY — emphasis on the last syllable) provides its customers the world’s most exquisite, richest, 100% Arabica beans that have been slowly ripened and roasted to perfection on Mt. Kilambé in beautiful Nicaragua.