Thefarm is located in the heart of Nicaragua.

Silvio and Johanna Mendez have always been hard working entrepreneurs. Always picky about the products they consumed, especially their coffee, it was only natural that they begin their own coffee company in Nicaragua when a good consistent cup was unobtainable. Having studied agronomy and grown mountain coffee in the past, Silvio & Johanna made their mission to create the finest coffee the world has ever known and thus the origins of Kilambé Coffee.

The farm is located in the heart of Nicaragua. In the high tops of Mount Kilambé, up to 5741 ft. in altitude, is where this exquisite, and singular cup of coffee originates.

Freshlyand Careful Roasted

Kilambé Coffee’s Premier Gourmet Coffee Beans are carefully chosen and freshly roasted to perfection daily at our roasting facility. The ripening process is slow, to guarantee the final product has all the organoleptic properties of a world-class coffee. Its unique washing, sun drying, and humidity process, combined with a “rest” period for the beans brings you Premier Gourmet Coffee Beans.

The roasting process of Kilambé separates us from the all the other coffees you will find. These are only a few of the “secrets” to this——-the finest gourmet coffee on the planet. The quality of our products is unmatched!